Is an HVAC inspection worth getting? HVAC systems are used constantly all year long and can be hard on the individual components in the system. Instead of having an unexpected repair bill or skyrocketing energy bill, inspections are typically low price or free. Ideally, your HVAC should be inspected before in the spring and the fall to avoid the change in weather. With the heat increasing and the AC running, it’s important to get preventative maintenance before it’s too late. The last thing you want is your AC to break down when the heat is rising due to a heat wave. Scheduling an HVAC inspection will help not only save you money, but the technician can also inspect for and maintain any cleaning and tuning up the equipment needs.

Professional Inspection

It’s important to have your annual HVAC inspection be left to the professionals since an HVAC system requires unique tools as well as extensive training. Modern HVAC units are designed to last for years; they still have the risk of breakdowns. It’s important to improve the lifespan of your system with an annual HVAC inspection that will help avoid dangerous issues. The technician will also inspect your system and check that there is no risk of carbon monoxide building up in your home. Some tasks you can do in between inspections to help extend the lifespan of your system are regularly changing the air filter, cleaning the vents in your home and trimming any bushes around the outdoor unit.

Energy Efficiency

With regular inspections your HVAC system can run on maximum efficiency so you won’t have to worry about energy waste. Fixing on small problems now can help lower your energy bills in the long run because your HVAC system won’t have to operate while having these problems. During an inspection, your technician will run tests to check on the components and how they run. The HVAC service company can work with you to implement HVAC preventative maintenance measures that will help reduce energy costs. HVAC systems run 40% of the average homeowner’s annual expense of power, and improving on the efficiency can save you monthly on energy bills.

Equipment Lifespan and Condition

Just like any other mechanical equipment, HVAC components last longer if they’re inspected regularly and receive preventative maintenance care. As well as providing information about the efficiency level of a home’s comfort, if it’s been well maintained, needs any repairs, and the expected remaining lifespan. With regular inspections your system will be cleaned that will produce better air quality than an uninspected one will. Having routine inspections will not only help your system run better, it will produce higher-quality air than it would if you wait and a breakdown occurs.

Your comfort is important and your HVAC unit is essential to that. Having it run quietly at home shouldn’t mean you forget about it. An hour of your time with a licensed HVAC technician can extend the life of your unit and your comfort. Call Omni Air HVAC for a $0 inspection and experience our friendly team that is proud to offer affordable HVAC services to you.

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