Do you have routine HVAC maintenance coming up? HVAC units can be complicated to understand, and sometimes HVAC lingo can go over your head. During your appointment, you should think about asking your highly educated and trained technicians some questions. Understanding your HVAC system better will allow you to properly maintain it and keep your home comfortable all year.

Why should I invest in a maintenance plan for my HVAC system?

Every HVAC company has its own specific maintenance plans for homeowners that are designed to help care for their system. Living in an area with extreme weather changes can make your HVAC system work harder, which can sometimes lead to malfunctions and expensive repairs. Avoiding this issue is important, so having biannual maintenance on your system will help. Maintenances can include tune-ups to your air conditioner and furnace to make sure all the parts are working efficiently and help fix any other issues they see. Make sure you ask your technician what type of maintenance is best suited for your system’s condition.

How can I cut the cost of my energy bills with my HVAC?

Living in warmer climates can lead to higher energy bills as your HVAC unit works harder to cool your home. Same as well if you live in colder climates and need to heat up your home. It’s important to ask your technician if this is a concern for you and they can determine why the energy bill is increasing. It can be due to problems with your unit that needs repairs, a possible air leak, or even the settings of your thermostat. A professional technician can figure out the issue right away and help you cut costs on your energy bills.

What’s an ideal temperature to set your HVAC unit during Winter or Summer?

Depending on the HVAC system you have, modern systems have it programmed so that you can control the temperature and schedule it when you want. Balancing comfort while saving money can be tricky, so your technician can suggest temperature ranges you can follow that are best for each season. If these temperature ranges aren’t comfortable for you, you can adjust the temperature by one degree until you find one that is. This can help to avoid wasting energy by producing more cooling or heating than is required.

How can I improve my indoor air quality?

Indoor air quality is vital to keeping you and your family healthy inside your home. Dust can accumulate in your HVAC system and cause the system to not work as efficiently as it should. Your air filter needs to be changed regularly, and your HVAC technician can help. They are a great source of information on the quality of your air supply and ways to improve it. Also, they can determine what quality air filter can be good for your home to help with issues with excessive dust, reduce allergy symptoms, reduce pet dander, and more.

These are some questions you can ask your HVAC technician during your next maintenance appointment. Ideally, it’s good to have at least two maintenance appointments per year, and Omni Air HVAC can help you with all your home’s needs. Our highly-trained and educated professionals can answer any questions or concerns you may have about your unit or maintenance service.

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