Furnace’s are a reliable way to heat up your home with how efficient and cost effective they are. With how reliable they can be you don’t really expect something to go wrong. There’s always a chance though of your furnace having issues that need to be looked at. Understanding what some of the most common furnace issues are can help get it fixed now instead of later.

1. Furnace not Turning On

If you happen to turn on your furnace and it’s not turning on there can be a few reasons why. Dirty filters can cause low airflow and prevent the furnace from starting. There can also be issues with the gas line, faulty pilot light or issues with the furnace itself. Whatever the case, it’s important to call a professional so they’re able to determine exactly why it’s not turning on.

2. Thermostat not Working

Issues with your furnace can stem from the thermostat since it’s where it all begins to heat your home. Issues you may notice are getting wild temperature changes, the furnace cycling on/off too much, or if you’re not getting any heat. Check to see if it needs a battery change or if the thermostat itself needs a little dusting. Checking the settings as well can be the issue if you happen to forget to change them when the seasons change.

3. Noisy Furnace

Furnaces always make some noise when you turn them on or when they reach a certain temperature. Some noises though can mean your system needs to be looked at and possibly need to be repaired or replaced. Noises like rumbling, rattling and squeaking can mean many things like mechanical problems or a reduced airflow.

4. Dirty Filters

If you’re noticing your energy bills have been going up recently your old filter could be to blame. Not changing old filters can reduce the airflow and have the furnace working harder than it should. Having it work harder to circulate can lead to higher energy bills and have it possibly not turning on. Change your filter every 3 months to ensure it’s in good-working condition.

5. Furnace Blowing Cold Air

Turning on your furnace and a rush of cold air can mean a number of things for your furnace. Some issues that can be causing this are dirty air filters, gas supply is low, pilot light not working and more. Many of these issues require a professional to take a look and make sure what the exact issue is. With their expert knowledge they can resolve the issue fast so heat can be brought back to your home.

Furnace’s are an important part of the home in keeping you and your family comfortable and safe during the cold winter months. When issues do arise, it’s important to realize there’s a problem and to have a professional come and fix it. At Omni Air HVAC our trained professionals have the knowledge and equipment to fix any furnace issues that can arise. Call us today to help keep your home warm all winter long.

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