An HVAC unit is responsible for cooling and heating your home all year long and plays a big role in bringing efficiency and comfort. Having the right size unit is important, but what about air ducts? Having the right size ducts are important to play a crucial part in how your system operates. Understanding why not every size works is important to keep your HVAC system working efficiently.

The Importance of Air Ducts

Air ducts are important for your home to deliver fresh air and draw stale air out of the space. The stale air then gets pushed into ducts where it passes through a filter to ensure it’s clean before it re-enters. Ducts do need to be constantly maintained to ensure it’s working efficiently, but the size of the ducts you install can be overlooked. HVAC units come in different sizes and the ducts you install should match the unit so it can have the correct air circulation. If they’re the wrong size, excessive energy will get wasted, skyrocket your energy bills, and wear out your system.

Oversized Ducts:

Some might think that a larger duct can handle more airflow and do the job just as effectively as a smaller one. They honestly won’t do you any good if your system isn’t powerful enough to supply or produce large amounts of air. Each system requires a specific amount of air pressure in the ductwork to be able to distribute the air in your home effectively. If the ducts are too big for your system, it’s going to work harder than before which can lead to breakdowns and increased energy bills.

Undersized Ducts:

Smaller ducts have to accommodate the size and the amount of air flow to distribute to your home. If the ducts are too small it can cause so much pressure that it backs up into your HVAC system. This can have the blower fan have a harder time distributing air as efficiently and cause issues for the HVAC unit. The components of the system will get overworked which can lead to a system breakdown and repairs.

How to Figure out Duct Sizing

Professionals who install your ductwork will determine the appropriate size of your unit by using the Manual D sizing method. Manual D sizing method is the industry standard to determine the overall duct layout within a residential HVAC. The method involves evaluating individual rooms in your home to find optimal airflow, seal ductwork, provide insulation, control excessive noise, and have the system run efficiently as possible. This all works together to correct pressure imbalances and have the HVAC system run as efficiently as possible.

Having clean and proper airflow in your home is essential to your health and comfortability. Having the right duct size is important for your HVAC system in providing efficient airflow through your home without overworking the unit. It’s important to have a professional HVAC tech come and assist you with your air duct system. Omni Air HVAC has the skills and knowledge to find the right ductwork for your home to keep you comfortable all year long.

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