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AC Repair in Santa Fe Spring, CA

Are you experiencing discomfort in your own home? When it comes to AC repair, we at Omni Air HVAC are here to lend a hand. Our team consists of fully licensed professionals who are dedicated to helping you troubleshoot, diagnose, and guide you toward the best solution for your AC unit. We’re committed to providing you with the highest-quality parts, competitive prices, and top-notch service. Let’s explore some of the advantages of AC repair and HVAC tune-ups together.


AC Repair vs Replacement

The age-old question: to repair or to replace? Deciding on AC unit upkeep often comes down to weighing cost and the implications of the unit’s age on its functionality:

0-8 Years: Given its youthful state, the unit likely has several active years left. During this phase, opting for repairs is generally more economical.

9-14 Years: As your unit ages, it’s time to think about maintenance. If you’ve been consistent with care, repairs could still be a good option. However, if it’s been running hard without proper upkeep, investing in a new unit could be a wiser long-term choice.

15+ Years: Having survived the long haul in Santa Fe Springs, your AC has seen its fair share of action. Considering its age, replacement might be a prudent choice. With older parts becoming rare, dwindling efficiency costing you more, and modern units boasting better technology, a new purchase often makes sense.

Common Air Conditioner Problems

What can go wrong with your AC unit? Here are some useful tips on common issues that you might come across with your air conditioner.

Uneven airflow – Probably one of the most common problems for AC units, if the air coming from your unit is weak or not cold enough, it can be a result of poor duct flow or or a clogged filter.

– Condenser not pushing hot air – If your condenser is not pushing out hot air, it is usually indicative that the unit is not cooling properly because the condenser sends hot air to the refrigerant. This issue can happen for multiple reasons such as dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, or natural wear and tear.

Filter – A dirty filter is definitely a frequent issue that arises within most AC units. This can lead to the filter getting clogged, and is relatively easy change on your time. However, if the task can seem to daunting to you, reach out to a technician to get assistance.

Self-Help Tips for AC Maintenance

To prolong your HVAC unit’s lifespan, there are certain maintenance tasks you can handle yourself. Here’s our advice for you:

  • Filter Updates: Renew filters every 1-3 months based on usage frequency for smooth airflow.

  • Outdoor Cleanup: Ensure the external unit remains clear of debris and plants for optimal efficiency.

  • Thermostat Review: Occasionally, incorrect thermostat settings might be the problem.

On the flip side, certain aspects of AC maintenance require an expert’s touch. Below is a glimpse into more intricate tasks best left to professionals:

Measuring refrigerant levels and oil pressure, comprehensive coil cleaning, electrical part checks, evaluating combustion, inspecting the heat exchanger, lubricating motors, examining and cleaning ductwork, calibrating thermostats, adjusting belts, clearing drain lines, and much more.


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