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Winter is Coming, It’s Time to Get Your Heater Ready

As temperatures get colder in Paramount, CA, it is important that households get their heating set up or looked at to stay cozy during those lower temperature nights and mornings. This begs the question, when is it better to get a furnace repaired instead of a new furnace installation? There is a series of factors and criteria to be looked at when assessing which option is more viable, but before that we can take a look at the benefits of installing a new heating unit can have within your home.

  • Enhanced Energy Efficiency – Installing a new system harnesses the benefits of the latest technology, resulting in more efficient parts that ultimately reduce your energy bills.

  • Reduced Maintenance Requirements – Owning a new unit leads to less wear and tear since these systems boast relatively long lifespans.

  • Improved Quality of Life – We firmly believe that the most significant advantage of having a modern heater is an enhanced quality of life. The improved airflow from the new unit ensures the comfort of highly efficient, warm air.

  • Convenient Remote Control – Depending on your existing system’s age, an upgrade can offer you the advantage of managing it via a smart thermostat using a mobile app. This proves immensely convenient for energy bill management even when you’re away from your unit

Furnaces receive much usage throughout the winter months, and for those with older units that haven’t been checked up on, lingering effects might turn into situations that could cause a unit to be nearing end of life.  


Testing electrical furnace components

When should I get a new furnace? When to repair or replace your heater:

Assessing your current heating situation always leads down the pathway that will leave you at the fork on the road – “Do I repair or replace my furnace?” Figuring out the most cost effective opportunity for you breaks down to some common factors that we can take a look at:

Your furnace is emitting carbon monoxide – In the scenario that your furnace is leaking carbon monoxide due to a crack in the combustion chamber, it is an immediate sign that your unit needs to be replaced. Some ways to identify this include:

  • Excess moisture on windows, walls, and other surfaces throughout the house.
  • Rusting on the pipes
  • Yellow furnace flame instead of blue 
  • Feelings of nausea, disorientation, headaches and other flu-like symptoms.

Age of your unit – Around 15 years  is when you need to be giving a serious consideration to the replacement of your unit, regardless of the maintenance you might have recently done. With the speed technology moves at currently, a decade old unit (let alone 15 years) lacks some of the advancements that can optimize air flow and deliver efficient heating to your home. It is important to consider that energy efficient units can easily save you the difference in cost over the course of multiple years.  

Increase in your monthly bill – Although it might be harder to see unless you’re closely watching, an increase in your heating costs monthly is an indication of your unit not operating as efficiently anymore. Constantly tweaking temperatures, humid air quality, certain rooms receiving better heat than others causing you to over-adjust the heater might be signs of faults that a simple repair is incapable of fixing. 

Frequency of maintenance required – If the problems that your unit is experience begin to become recurring even with maintenance work, that is a sign that a replacement will most likely be more cost effective for you than repairs. This more often than not stems from outdated parts, which also tend to go up in price as they become older and less produced in the market.       


Regardless of where you are with your current heater/furnace, Omni Air HVAC is fully capable of getting you the assessment you need for your system. With our highly knowledgeable staff of technicians, we have serviced multiple homes within the Paramount area and have been a trusted name within the local community. As winter season approaches, it is better to be ahead of the weather than to be playing catchup or caught in a bad situation. Contact us today at (714) 813-0584 to get an assessment of your furnace, and get the best prices on a replacement unit from trusted experts in the area. 

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