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Do I need furnace repair?

Traditionally when we get into the later months of the year (October, November, December), the need for heating comes up in many households. There are multiple scenarios where your furnace could be underperforming or in need of maintenance that could lead to higher long term costs or even hazardous environments. This begs the question “How do I know I need furnace repair?” We’ve developed a furnace inspection checklist that we think will help you have an idea of whether your unit needs service or not.

  • Age: If your unit is over a decade old and hasn’t had regular maintenance (we recommend yearly servicing), it’s probably time to have it inspected.
  • Check the air filter: An air filter replacement is one of the most common fixes that leads to inefficient furnace usage or poor heating. They are recommended to be replaced every 3 months.
  • Clean the burners: Making sure the burners and flame sensor are cleaned is very important. The flame should be a consistent blue, a yellow or flickering flame could indicate bigger issues such as a dirty burner or a bad mixture of chemicals in the air.
  • Inspect heat exchanger & CO detector: Replace the CO detector batteries and inspect the heat exchanger for cracks and leaks; it’s crucial for transferring heat from the combustion chamber to the air ducts.
  • Check wiring, look for leaks, lubricate components: This is more of the general maintenance work you can complete on your unit. Since dealing with heat, these all greatly improve the efficiency of your heating in your home.  
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Consequences of a bad furnace

We strongly recommend annual maintenance for your heating unit. It not only ensures efficient and safe heating for your home but also helps you save on electricity bills while keeping you and your loved ones warm and comfortable on those chilly nights. Neglecting maintenance can be a hassle during the winter when you need your furnace the most.

Count on our seasoned team of experts to handle all your furnace tune-up needs with precision and care. As a 5-star rated HVAC contractor proudly serving Westminster, CA, we offer competitively priced heating services, making regular tune-ups a wise and cost-effective choice. Consistent maintenance minimizes the likelihood of expensive emergency repairs, ensuring your winter comfort and warmth are guaranteed.


  • Smelling anything funny or odd from your vents
  • Unusual symptoms such as frequent headaches, burning eyes, or flu-like symptoms.
  • Drop in air quality and lowered output of heat
  • Unusual sounds consisting of banging, rattling, squealing, or popping sounds.
  • If you find yourself constantly needing to adjust the thermostat to achieve your desired temperature.
  • Cost of your electricity bill is steadily rising or is noticeably higher in the winter months.   

How much does furnace repair/maintenance cost in Westminster CA? 

In terms of furnace and heating repair costs, they typically range from $200 to $500, and in extreme cases, may go up to $1,500. While these costs might seem high, a new replacement unit can cost over $6,500. Therefore, it’s advisable to schedule a consultation and have a specialist assess your current heating system. We understand the importance of feeling treated with honesty and respect when choosing a local HVAC contractor, especially with the fluctuating prices in the market. Trust us to provide transparent pricing and reliable service you can count on.

Working with Omni Air HVAC for your local furnace & heating repairs/tune-ups:


Fully certified and insured for your furnace & heating repairs. We take pride in the work we do.

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Up front, honest, and fair flat rate pricing, no extra ambiguous hours with labor fees from troubleshooting.  


Our highly knowledgeable technicians get you a fast and honest diagnosis 

Whether your needs are commercial or residential, Omni Air has been an industry leader in quality tune-ups for central heating - keeping residents of Westminster CA safe and comfortable. Reach out to us for any further questions or needs that arise in your home or business at 714-813-0584, or email us at info@omniairhvac.com.

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