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Duct cleaning? What is it? Do I need it?

While we all appreciate the importance of indoor air quality, many may not fully grasp the critical role played by air ducts in maintaining a comfortable and healthy living environment. Often underestimated, air ducts serve as the essential conduits for even heating and cooling throughout your home. Lacking mechanical components, issues are sometimes misattributed elsewhere. In reality, these ducts prevent conditioned air leaks and ensure comfort. Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook their significance, resulting in the gradual buildup of debris and dust. It’s advisable to schedule air duct cleaning every two to three years for optimal airflow and indoor air quality.

Now that we understand how crucial air ducts are for maintaining good indoor air quality, it’s evident that keeping them in top condition is essential. Neglecting your air ducts when you have a high-end AC unit would result in pushing low-quality air into your home, filled with dirt, dust, and debris. Our strong recommendation for duct cleaning services is rooted in the fact that, beyond natural contaminants, your vents may also contain odors, pet hair, smoke residues, and other chemicals. Apart from the immediate air quality benefits, well-maintained air ducts can significantly enhance the efficiency of your HVAC system, potentially saving you 20%-30% on annual energy costs. Given the electricity rates in Paramount, CA, a single duct cleaning HVAC visit presents a remarkable opportunity for substantial savings.

How Does Duct Cleaning Work?

Duct cleaning in a residential home consists of multiple parts, most of which unfortunately require a professional. Mishandled duct work can cause bigger headaches down the line, but there are some elements that are a little easier to do for the DIY duct cleaner:

  1.  Detachment & cleaning of grill, re-attachment with caulking to prevent future air leaks.
  2.  Filter cleaning – detachment at the base of duct, with a full filter clean. 
  3. Removing the blower motor – We will need to remove this from its housing and clean this component later, in some cases the A-coil is harder to access because of this unit.
  4. A-Coil cleaning – Removing all the front plates/coverings, then cleaned with condenser coil cleaner.
  5. Rinsing the blower motor fan and wiping down the housing for the blower motor, so that future air traveling through has a clean pathway.

Furnace A Coil
Cleaning the fan motor

Myths of Duct Cleaning

Air ducts don’t really get dirty – This is definitely the biggest misconception that we’ve come across amongst our clients. Most of the time people believe that managing the filter is enough work for the ducts to remain when it certainly isn’t. As mentioned before, debris, odors, pet hair, etc. can cause a lot of build up and dirty ducts.

Air ducts only get dirty with constant AC usage – Unfortunately, most central air systems force airflow through these ducts so even if AC is not used, it can still pick up the dirt and debris from the household. 

Duct cleaning is doable without a professional – Keep in mind that the majority of HVAC contractors have made significant investments in tools, time, and expertise to efficiently and accurately perform the task. They possess a deep understanding of the necessary procedures and have a trained eye to identify any potential issues. While you can certainly manage filter maintenance and grill cleaning on your own, it’s advisable to enlist a professional for the more intricate aspects of the job.

Duct cleaning won’t prevent mold – As we have mentioned, chemical buildup among other things do occur within these ducts, and over time when combined with dirt and debris it can manifest into different problems with mold being one of them. This is why every two-three years we recommend you have a cleaning completed, to prevent any health issues that can arise from a situation like this.

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