HVAC Preventative Maintenance Whittier CA – Taking a Further Look

Deep Diving HVAC Maintenance

The HVAC industry offers an array of year-round services, covering everything from air control to heating. Often, technicians are called in reactively when clients face issues. However, we’re diving deep into the realm of HVAC maintenance plans to emphasize their benefits. Central air and heating systems are invaluable, and a malfunctioning AC or furnace can be a major inconvenience. The time it takes to locate a trustworthy technician, diagnose the problem, and service your unit can be draining. That’s where HVAC maintenance plans come in as a proactive solution to safeguard your system’s health. These plans, typically costing a fraction of a full service, play a crucial role in extending your unit’s lifespan and shielding you from major expenses during unexpected breakdowns.    

Home furnace tune up

What Are the Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans?

Are Maintenance Plans Worth it?

The short answer is yes, but let’s take a deeper dive as to why they’re not only beneficial but extremely cost efficient over long periods of time. Obviously the level of detail and service that you are getting from these plans will vary between vendors, but buy and large they are definitely worth it. Maintenance plans are not only an inspection but also a tune up of your current unit, and most plans function all year round – covering both your cooling (summer time) and heating (winter time).

They cost anywhere from $249-$349 annually for residential units and $199-$299 per quarter per unit for commercial (depending on unit size), but having both of your heating and cooling covered is just the beginning of the benefits. However, the advantages extend far beyond cost savings. Beyond ensuring the optimal performance of both your heating and cooling systems, regular tune-ups enhance airflow and energy efficiency. If you rely on your AC and heater regularly, the value of these maintenance plans becomes increasingly evident. 

Energy Efficiency

With a poorly running AC or heating unit, utility bills can go up 20-30% depending on usage, over the course of a year will easily outweigh the cost of a maintenance plan.

Extended Unit Life

An adequately maintained unit can operate for approximately 50% longer compared to one that hasn’t received proper maintenance. When you consider the expense and installation of new units, stretching that cost over 15 years instead of 10 becomes a highly valuable investment. 

Avoid Catastrophe

The wear and tear that most units experience from continuous use can make them susceptible to various risks, including reduced air quality and, in more severe cases, potentially hazardous airflow or heating. Regular maintenance is essential for keeping your unit both safe and reliable.

Spring & Summer Maintenance Checklist

    • Clean condenser & evaporator coils
    • Vacuum water from drain pan
    • Check drain lines for clogs
    • Replace any worn belts & pulleys
    • Clean or replace air filters
    • Clean fan blades
    • Check thermostat functionality
    • Ensure proper airflow 
    • Check refrigerant for leaks
    • Check electrical components
    • Clear debris/dust on unit
    • Check cabinet for damage and fully enclose/secure if in tact. 

Fall & Winter Maintenance Checklist 

  • Inspect burner assembly
  • Check heat exchanger 
  • Clean or replace filters
  • Check for carbon monoxide or gas leaks
  • Inspect electrical components for frays or damage
  • Lubricate motor bearings and all moving parts
  • Inspect belts for frays and damage
  • Check drains for blockages
  • Check gas pressure
  • Check and test thermostats
  • Check and test heat pump
  • Check ductwork and vents
  • Check fluke system attachment to furnace

Frequently Asked Questions

Is preventative maintenance more for commercial businesses or home owners?

The answer is both! While the value might appear more advantageous for businesses because they have their units running all the time, value is about equal considering the scaling costs for multiple, larger units in a business. Both scenarios provide extremely high value considering the scenario if a unit were to have a complete breakdown, extending life value of each unit by multiple years.  

Can I do preventative maintenance myself?

Although there might be some of the easier things the DIY crowd can do on their own, many lack the tools, understanding of components, and experience to properly asses a scenario that they could possibly run into. A lot of HVAC maintenance work requires deep understanding of the relationship between different parts and the overall functionality, so we wouldn’t recommend it. Considering the relatively low cost of a plan, it’s better to let a professional do the work for your own peace of mind. 

What are some things I can do to maintain my unit?

Some of the easier tasks as a filter replacement, or covering your outdoor AC unit during the winter are low hanging fruit that homeowners can do on their own. If you do want to get your hands dirty, you can clean out condenser coils of your AC unit, but we do advise you to look up the proper procedure and cleaning components needed beforehand. 

How do I pick the right vendor for my maintenance plan?

There are a lot of companies offering services to maintain your HVAC unit, and obviously price is a big factor for most home owner and businesses alike. At Omni Air HVAC we believe that it is important to have a trusting, long term relationship where you are not misled by technical jargon or hidden costs. Everything we do is up front and transparent, with flat rate pricing. We take no shortcuts and make sure your unit gets the best care it can get, saving you time, money, and headaches down the line.

I live in Whittier, do I REALLY need this service?

Although Whittier CA does not receive real weather extremities like other states, a significant amount of residents are still using their AC units and furnaces throughout the year. Wear and tear of the unit, regardless of how much you need cooled or heated is an extremely important factor that should always be considered.

After looking at the various benefits of preventative care for your HVAC unit, we can see that it is highly advantageous to have one for your home or business. For a further look into the service and pricing, check out our dedicated preventative maintenance page here. In the case of businesses, it is reported that typically about $1,700 of maintenance is recommended on a unit per year. Considering the price of a maintenance plan, it is a no brainer to have preventative care for your HVAC units. The same case goes for residential, as extending the life of those units help with costs down the line, giving the unit much more bang for your buck. At Omni Air, we understand that there are many factors that go into your decision making, and finding a vendor committed to building a long term relationship is difficult. We want to be the name you can trust to get things done, quickly and effectively. Our honest and trained technicians have no intent of giving you the run around and are up front about all maintenance costs for your HVAC unit or potential problems that have developed or could be developing. We look to be the name you can trust within your home or business.

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