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Is your home comfort falling short? When it comes to AC repair, Omni Air HVAC is here to help with troubleshooting, diagnosis, and expert advice for your AC unit. Our fully licensed professionals are dedicated to providing top-quality parts, competitive prices, and exceptional service. Let’s explore the advantages of AC repair and HVAC tune-ups.

AC Repair vs Replacement

The big question always looms, is it better to repair or replace? There are benefits to each route of maintenance for your AC unit, mostly factored around cost efficiency and performance based on the shelf life of the unit you have:

0-8 Years: Your unit is still fresh (relatively), and has plenty of time left, and it is more beneficial for you to look into repairs at this stage.

9-14 Years: At this stage, there is some decent wear & tear, and depending on how well the unit has been maintained, repair might be the best option still. However, a unit that is constantly in use for over a decade might have seen better days with little maintenance, and installing a new unit could be more cost effective in the long run.

15+ years: Your unit has weathered the highs and lows of Long Beach’s climate (though there aren’t many lows), and it has served you faithfully. Now is the moment to contemplate a replacement for long-term cost-effectiveness. As units age, finding older parts becomes increasingly challenging, the inefficiency of your current unit starts affecting your bills, and advancements in technology make newer components more efficient, among other factors.   


Common Air Conditioner Problems

What can go wrong with your AC unit? Here are some useful tips on common issues that you might come across with your air conditioner.

Uneven airflow – Probably one of the most common problems for AC units, if the air coming from your unit is weak or not cold enough, it can be a result of poor duct flow or or a clogged filter.

– Condenser not pushing hot air – If your condenser is not pushing out hot air, it is usually indicative that the unit is not cooling properly because the condenser sends hot air to the refrigerant. Various factors, including dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, or normal wear and tear, can contribute to this problem.

Filter – A dirty filter is definitely a frequent issue that arises within most AC units. This can lead to the filter getting clogged, and is relatively easy change on your time. However, if the task can seem to daunting to you, reach out to a technician to get assistance.

DIY Tips for AC Tune Up

What potential issues might arise with your AC unit? Here are some valuable insights into common air conditioner problems:

1. Uneven airflow: Weak or insufficiently cold air from the unit is a prevalent AC issue. This often stems from problems like restricted duct flow or a clogged filter.

2. Ineffective condenser: When your condenser fails to expel hot air, it’s usually a sign that your unit isn’t cooling properly. This problem can result from various factors, such as dirty coils, refrigerant leaks, or normal wear and tear.

3. Filter troubles: A dirty filter is a common AC concern that can lead to blockages. Fortunately, replacing it is a relatively simple task. If you find it challenging, don’t hesitate to seek assistance from a technician.


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