About Omni Air HVAC, LLC

We Are Proud to Be a Veteran-Owned HVAC Company

Omni Air HVAC, LLC, is a local HVAC company serving residential and commercial customers in and around Orange, CA. We take pride in all our HVAC services and always strive to deliver exceptional customer service as a trusted small business.

Customers choose us for all their heating and cooling needs because we are fully certified and insured. We provide labor warranties, manufacturer warranties and 24/7 repairs. We take the time to help you review all your options for your new HVAC installation or repair, and we are here to answer any questions you may have. We offer:

  • 2-year labor warranty on all new installations
  • 6-month warranty on all HVAC repairs
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty on all parts


Meet Our Team

Zak is someone who is never afraid to get his hands dirty, as he is always out in the field helping our technicians get the job done correctly. When he is not, he is working as an RN helping save lives at UCI hospital. Even with two demanding jobs, he still manages to make time for his family and enjoys playing basketball.

Anna is the glue of our company. She oversees and manages all processes, schedules, and most (if not all) of our client relations. She enjoys being a foodie and spending time with her dog when she’s away from work. Anna also likes going to music shows and spending time with her friends. 

Robert is our lead technician and handles on site work with our team. With thorough experience and a great knack for empathy, Robert is a great reflection of our company ideals and core values centered around understanding and satisfying our clients’ needs. In his off time Robert coaches youth soccer. 

Bryan handles all our logistics and makes sure client projects are meeting deadlines with the accurate parts required for the job. As a military veteran, Bryan enjoys staying active by being at the gym in his off time. Bryan’s diligence in his role help set the tone for us as a company to always take care of everyone we service.

Affordable, Reliable, Efficient


We know pricing is extremely important to you – so we find it extremely important to us too. Our pricing structure is based on a flat rate for the jobs that we service. This means no run around, no hourly rates, and no confusion on the job. This not only allows us to map out the work on the project effectively, but keeps us on our toes and efficient with our time. With a flat rate, we are able to always give our clients transparency – something that contractors are notorious for not providing. We’re here to be the shake up that the industry, and our clients need.   



Quality of work is always paramount when it comes to service, because what is the point of having a job done if it needs to be redone within months? We focus greatly on attention to detail and focus on bring the best solution for your needs possible. Different instances require different solutions, and having a staff with deep knowledge of the HVAC field is important to providing this level of service. Trust goes a long way, and we ensure to be the trustworthy name that gets things done for your home or business. 




There is nothing more valuable than time (maybe price, depends on who you ask), and we want to focus on being in and out, with top tier service. Whether it is heating or cooling, commercial or residential, we strive to be effective with our time and give you back as much of yours as we can. As we grow and scale, keeping our services effective and efficient will be a large focus. With same day estimates and no diagnostic fees, we get you the service you need at the speed you need it – ASAP.  


Fully Certified & Licensed

It is important to us that you receive honest, trustworthy work – which is why all of our technicians are certified. We know how frustrating it can be to get ambiguous answers to pressing matters, so we ensure that every one of our technicians knows their stuff. As we grow to be one of the most prominent HVAC contractors in Southern California, it is imperative we keep a knowledgeable staff in order to give you the best service possible.

License #: 107134 


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The professional technicians at Omni Air HVAC, are ready to assist you with your residential and commercial AC repair or heat repair needs. Call us anytime at (714) 813-0584 or let us know how we can assist you by completing our online contact form.

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