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Most of the year, your AC works hard in hot months like April. It may require a maintenance check from a professional. Also, it’s ideal for getting your heating systems tuned before the colder months approach in October.  

That’s why we offer furnace and air conditioning repair services to residents in the area. Our team of experts is proficient in handling any furnace or air conditioner issue, from minor repairs to complete replacements. We also offer a range of maintenance services to keep your equipment running smoothly. 

Your Trusted HVAC Repairmen and Installers Near You

Our technicians are trained to look for issues in the system to resolve them at the earliest. Your system may show signs of a breakdown or not working correctly. 

Here’s a list of common AC issues that you may experience:

  • If your energy bills have significantly increased over the past few months, your AC may consume more energy.
  • AC Not Cooling or Heating Properly One of the most common problems with air conditioning is that it doesn’t work properly.
  • A broken down or malfunctioning thermostat may not deliver the right temperature.
  • Any strong smell or sudden noise from your AC may signal a broken down belt or filter. 

Professional AC Installation – Home AC Replacement Services

Your AC may need a replacement if it’s been operating for over ten years. Using an old AC may not be fitting your current needs. Ask for professional advice to suggest a suitable model so your home can stay cool in the summer with minimal bills.

Furnace Repair Near You – Local Heating Maintenance Service

Poor efficiency and high energy bills are among the most common causes. Calling a professional to check the system and prevent further damage is ideal. 

You may experience some of the following furnace issues:

  • A poorly functioning furnace can cause poor performance in your home, including clicks and strange noises. 
  • The lower efficiency of the furnace may make it difficult to maintain the required temperature in cold months.
  • Your heating system may be working on high fuel with decreased efficiency. 
  • Poor air quality may signal the filters are broken or malfunctioning. 

Heater Installation and Replacement Near You

It is essential to consider when to replace your furnace. A climate control system can last anywhere from 10-15 years, so it is worth inspecting and deciding when it’s time. Ask a professional to evaluate your system and suggest a replacement. 

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  • As a veteran-owned company, we take pride in our reputation for delivering quality workmanship and integrity. 
  • We refuse to sell our veterans anything they do not need, ensuring that our products are tailored to their unique needs. 
  • Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality service and equipment possible. 

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Jeanie Alberts, says:

"Very professional and made sure every detail was addressed before moving forward. Having a small house and tiny attic they ran into many problems but were able to resolve each one. I am so happy to have air conditioning and heating when I was told by others that it wasn’t possible. I would recommend Omni HVAC to anyone wanting A+ work."

Laura, says:

"THIS is the HVAC company to call when you have to replace your OLD, rusty... 1979 AC unit top to bottom. I called several companies in the area that declined the job because it was either above their skill grade or they couldn't handle the work. Greg from OMNI came out and was honest, upfront, didn't upsell me, and told me the truth about what I was looking at - regarding my install. He came up with several creative solutions for me to look over and to choose from. I appreciate so much the initial quoting effort, then how much work they put in to make sure I have AC for the summer. The install for these guys has been grueling, but not a single installer has complained. They're all smiling, all super kind, and I trust them in my home. This company is top notch. The pricing is competitive, the effort that goes into finding a solution for a sticky and hot situation is untouched, and the install overall has been efficient and has not impacted my schedule. I appreciate the honesty of an HVAC company. Where I feel I could have been price gouged, I received a really honest, competitive quote that was a no brainer to select. Will continue to use OMNI for years to come. HIGHLY recommend."

Welby Cham, says:

"They are very responsive to all my questions and got back to me with answers quickly. The installation was easy and these guys worked non stop all day till it was done. Sevice was excellent."

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