Having a comfortable home with the right temperature to keep you cool is what all families want during a blistering hot summer. Of course, you don’t want the energy bill to skyrocket, so what can you do? Investing in a whole-house fan can save you money and keep your home cool all summer.

Whole house fans are exhaust systems that pull hot air out of a home and move it to the attic by pulling fresh and cooler air from an open window. The pressure builds and releases, forcing air out of vents installed in the attic, which will create a cooling effect throughout the home. The fan takes a few minutes to exchange all the air in the house.

Investing in a whole house fan will not only keep your house cooler faster but also save you money on your energy bills. They are environmentally friendly, cooling your home with 90% less power than an AC unit. Whole house fans use 200–700 watts, while an AC uses 2,000–5,000 watts. If you compare the two, you’ll notice a difference in energy bills between an AC unit and a whole house fan.

Whole house fans can ventilate your home by replacing the stale indoor air and bringing in fresh air from the outside. Your home can be filled with dust, pet dander, cooking smoke, and more that can help regulate the air and help if you suffer from allergies. They are also low maintenance, requiring mostly cleaning and not many mechanical issues.

Whole house fans can make an enormous difference in the comfort of your home. They’re energy-efficient and often easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about high costs for installation. Omni Air HVAC can assist you with all of your whole house fan requirements and is an excellent choice for keeping your family cool during the hot summer months.

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