When the cooler temperatures arrive the last thing you need is your furnace blowing cold air instead of keeping your home nice and toasty. Even if you have a new furnace unexpected problems can still arise. There could be a number of issues of why this may be the case and when it’s a good time to call in the experts to help.

Issues with Pilot Light

On older models of furnaces, they have a pilot light, which is a small gas that has a continuous burn that ignites a larger burn. Without the light, your furnace has no way of heating up, which could be why you’re feeling cold. To resolve the issue you can relight the pilot light yourself, some older models have attached instructions, or you can call a professional to light it and determine if there’s another issue causing it.

Filter is Dirty

Air filters are an important part of an HVAC system. A clean filter provides fresh air for your home, but when they become extremely dirty, your health and the quality of the air in your home may suffer. Dirty air filters can block the airflow over the furnace, which makes it run longer until it overheats and blows cold air into your home. If, after you’ve replaced your filter, it’s still blowing cold air after a few hours, call a professional.

Gas Supply is Low or Off

A furnace burns with a steady supply of gas to the burner to generate heat for the home. If the gas supply is low, the furnace will deactivate as a safety measure, which can lead to cold air being blown. To resolve this, your gas valve can be an issue, or you’ll need to refill your gas. A professional can evaluate the gas furnace and see if there is also any dust or grime that is causing it to have trouble igniting.

Thermostat Settings

As the season and weather change, so too do the settings on our thermostat. Turning on your furnace after a long time can cause it to blow cold air, so give it a minute or two to warm up. The heater takes some time to warm up because it is pushing cold air out of the vents before sending hot air out. If it keeps blowing cold air, check the settings on your thermostat to see if it’s in the “heat” position. Check your thermostat to see if it is set to “on” or “auto.” With “On,” the furnace will continue to run regardless of whether it is heating the air, while “Auto” will have the fan only blow when the furnace is providing heat. If these steps still haven’t resolved the issue, an HVAC tech can fix it.

There could be a number of reasons why your furnace is blowing cold air, but regular cleanings and maintenance from an HVAC service expert can help prevent them. Omni Air HVAC is an expert at keeping your system in top shape so that you and your family can stay warm all winter.

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