With the summer heat dying down and fall approaching, now is the best time to consider investing in a new HVAC system to keep you warm all winter long. It may be daunting trying to understand how the installation works so here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for your home HVAC installation.

Get Your Home Ready Before the Installation

Before the installation crew comes it’s important to clear the area both inside and outside where they’ll be working. Inside your home make sure to remove any antique or precious items away from the installation site so they can be safe. As well as clear the workspace of furniture or anything that can get in the way. Installations can kick up dust around so using plastic or cloth sheets around heavy furniture is recommended.

If you also have any pets or small children make sure they are away from the installation site. Outside the home any shrubbery, objects or debris around the installation area should be removed. Being prepared ahead of time can speed up the process of your installation and help both you and the team out.

Day of Installation

On the day of your installation your technician will arrive and will do a walkthrough and review the system with you. You can ask them how long it will take and they will give you an estimate depending on if you have an older model or other factors. If you do have an older HVAC model they will need to remove it first and clear any old coolant or service lines from the previous HVAC model.

Once the older system has been removed it’s time to install the new model. Before the system can be installed, it may take a few hours for them to make any modifications to existing ductwork, gas lines, and wiring. At this point for yourself, it’s important to get out of their way and let them handle everything.

After Installation

After the installation is done, the technician will walk you through your new system and explain how to use it, maintain it, and answer any questions you may have. It’s a good idea to have a follow up inspection a month after installation to make sure everything is running smoothly and efficiently. A new HVAC system will keep your home comfortable and energy saving all year long. Call Omni Air HVAC to install a new HVAC system to your home.

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