Your HVAC system helps keep your home comfortable all year long, and it is critical in keeping the air quality in your home safe and at the proper temperature. You might think paying for preventative maintenance can seem like a waste, but it has many benefits in terms of keeping your system functional and prolonging its lifespan. Here are some reasons why you should invest in a maintenance plan for your HVAC system.

Saves you Money

An HVAC system can be a huge investment, and you don’t want to waste it by not having a routine maintenance check. Routine maintenance can not only keep it functional and reliable, but it can also help prevent any problems from arising and the need for costly repairs. An HVAC expert can detect any developing problems early, as well as do inexpensive repairs for minimal wear and tear. It can also lower energy bills by checking if your HVAC system is running efficiently and having any necessary preventative maintenance done to ensure it’s working optimally.

Extend HVAC Lifespan

An HVAC unit that works all year to keep your home cool and warm requires regular maintenance. Just like a car, you know that having regular oil changes and maintenance can help extend its lifespan and keep it in good working order. A properly maintained HVAC unit will last for years without breaking down. A bi-annual maintenance plan includes not only cleaning the units and changing filters but also checking if any part of it isn’t working as efficiently as it should. A routine maintenance plan can extend the life of your unit and keep it running efficiently all year.

Improves Air Quality

The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, did a study on human exposure to air pollutants and found that indoor levels of pollutants can be two to five times higher than outdoor levels. This kind of exposure to contaminated air for a long time can put you and your family at risk for many health problems. Regular HVAC maintenance includes a full inspection of your unit and checking and changing your air filters. As well as offer plans for ductwork cleaning to ensure cleaner airflow throughout your home. Pushing off maintenance can affect your unit’s ability to reduce allergens and any harmful particles in your indoor air.

Improved Efficiency = Lower Utility Bills

Skipping on HVAC maintenance may not affect you in the long run, but it will affect your unit’s performance down the line. HVAC units over the years can have wear and tear, which can decrease the system’s efficiency. Your system starts working much harder than it should, which increases your energy bill each month. Every year that your HVAC system goes without maintenance, it loses about 5% of its energy efficiency. Having a maintenance plan in place can help your HVAC unit run more efficiently and keep your utility bills low all year.

Comfort and Safety for your Home

Having an HVAC maintenance plan can also provide you with the peace of mind that your home is safe. A poorly maintained HVAC system can emit excess carbon monoxide, which can be deadly to humans. As well, if the HVAC system is not regularly maintained, it can lead to an increased risk of fire. A maintenance plan includes checking for and preventing any harmful risks and performing air quality inspections to detect any elevated carbon monoxide poisoning. Investing in a maintenance plan will keep your home much safer for you and your family.

Having an HVAC maintenance plan is important for the comfort of your home when it comes to heating and cooling. A maintenance plan can keep your HVAC system more efficient, resulting in lower utility bills, fewer breakdowns,, and more. At Omni Air HVAC we care about the comfort and safety of your home. Our professional team will ensure that your system runs efficiently and reliably all year long with our educated and reliable service. Contact us to schedule an appointment or learn more about our HVAC maintenance plans.

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