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It’s recommended that you routinely replace your filters since your heating and cooling system gets dirty with every use. Air ducts hide dust, dirt and allergens that still linger and can be filled with contaminants and air pollution that can harm your indoor air quality. To keep the longevity of your HVAC system it’s important to consider having air duct cleanings regularly.

An air duct cleaning entails having all your duct system cleaned with professional cleaning tools by a professional. It may also include cleaning grills, fans, HVAC unit and a furnace if you have one.

The best time to get the service and to benefit you is the spring or fall so you can prepare for the summer heat or the cold winter. If your air ducts haven’t been cleaned in awhile, it probably isn’t working to its full potential. Getting it cleaned during the spring or fall will bring many benefits to the household. With your HVAC not being used as often in the winter and summer, it can be professionally cleaned to get rid of all the dirt and dust that accumulated. As well as various bugs and rodents can settle in air ducts, so a thorough cleaning will enable them to remove any unpleasant things from the ducts.

Having a clean air duct will benefit you and your home by having a healthy indoor living area. Removing dust accumulation, pet dander, mold growth prevention and more; it’s important to get this done by a professional that has an advanced knowledge of HVAC systems. Professionals use specialized tools and advanced knowledge to clean your air ducts thoroughly. 

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