An HVAC unit is an important appliance to have in any given home. It helps keep you cool or warm during the different seasons and keeps your air quality clean. If you’re planning on installing a new system or upgrading to a new one, you want to consider where it’s going to go. An ideal location can be your attic, and there are a few reasons why it can be a good idea to have your HVAC system there.

Save Space

If you’re dealing with space, having an HVAC system installed in the attic can free up space in your home and give it the extra room it needs. The HVAC system can take up storage space and be an eyesore in one of your rooms. You won’t have to worry when it’s in the attic since it can take up all the space it needs.

HVAC System Quieter

HVAC systems can be loud when you turn them on and when they’re being used. If they’re installed in the basement or any other living space, it’ll be difficult to hear around you and it can be a noisy headache. Having them installed in the attic can save you from the noise the HVAC system can make.

Cost of Installation

Installing an HVAC system in your attic can be more affordable which can be more beneficial if you’re trying to stay in your budget. The HVAC installers don’t need to spend so much time installing because the ductwork doesn’t need to be covered through the walls.

Reduces Energy Bills

Having an HVAC system installed in your attic can help reduce energy costs significantly. Especially during the cold winter months, having a unit in the attic with proper insulation can warm your home faster without using so much energy. Your HVAC specialist can make sure that the space is properly sealed and insulated so there’s no issue with leaks.

Safer from Water Damage

Wherever you live there’s always a chance of a flood or water damage happening from an unexpected rainstorm. From possible leaks and overflows, you don’t want your HVAC unit to be affected by this. Installing it in the attic can ensure you that it’s 100% protected from any leaks or overflows. Having it properly installed and insulated will make sure that your HVAC unit will be safe and sound.

Installing your HVAC unit in your attic can save you space and money, and at Omni Air HVAC, our certified team can help. We have the education and skills needed to install an HVAC unit in your attic as efficiently as possible.

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