Many homes have a central HVAC system using ducts to heat and cool their home. You might have heard of a ductless HVAC system, also called a ductless mini-split, and wonder if you should consider investing in it for your home. There are many different reasons why a ductless system can be a great choice for your home in keeping you cool or warm all year long.

What is a Ductless HVAC?

A ductless HVAC system is a heating and cooling system that is designed to heat or cool your home without connecting ductwork. They are great options for rooms that need them, like sunrooms or garages. How they work is that they have an outdoor and an indoor unit that is connected together. The indoor unit is wall-mounted, which delivers air into the space. You can have your ductless system in different areas of the house to ensure comfort all over. Installation is usually quick and easy and can be a great choice for your newer and older home.

Energy- Efficient

With a ductless HVAC system, you’re able to heat or cool different parts of the house depending on your preference. This can still be done with energy-saving benefits because of their size. They are smaller than other units and are able to directly cool an area without losing efficiency. Even in the most extreme conditions, the ductless system can still work efficiently to bring comfort to your home while bringing down energy costs.

Save Space

With the lack of ductwork in your home, you’re able to save space as well. Usually, you would need space for ductwork around your house, but with a ductless system, you don’t need to worry about the space or the ductwork getting damaged. If any problems come up with just one of the ductless indoor air units, it doesn’t affect the whole house as a ducted system would. Other units in the home can be working fine, so you can find an area in your home to keep yourself cool or warm until a professional comes and fixes it.

Indoor Air Quality 

If you’re worried about having quality indoor air, you won’t have to worry. Each indoor unit has a filter that provides cleaner air in each room it’s installed in. With it being in one zone, there’s no worry about there being any cross-contamination between rooms. With a ductless system, you won’t have to worry about scheduling duct maintenance. It’s still important to have scheduled maintenance on the system to ensure it’s working optimally.

There are many benefits to getting a ductless HVAC system installed in your home. A ducted HVAC system can be too much of a hassle to install and maintain compared to a ductless system. They can bring flexibility to your home and enhance your indoor air quality. Our expert technicians at Omni Air HVAC can assess your personal needs and choose a great option that makes sense for you and your home.

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