Living near the beach can be one of the best places to live for many people. There’s many great positives in living in these areas, but your HVAC system can be having some issues. Salt can corrode an HVAC unit and without proper care and maintenance can reduce its lifespan much faster.

Living in coastal climates, you’re going to expect your HVAC system to go through some problems that are unique to someone else who doesn’t live there. Coastal areas are surrounded by sand and salt, which attracts moisture that can corrode the machinery. This can also deteriorate metals like steel and aluminum which can affect many parts of the HVAC system. With the system corroding, you’re not getting proper air flow and your system is working harder than it should. The system will not operate efficiently and can have frequent shutdowns.

Having your HVAC unit outside can deteriorate because of the natural causes in living in a coastal area. Besides salt and sand getting in your system, you can face issues like tropical storms and hurricanes. This can damage your unit from the wind, falling tree limbs, and hail. With all of these factors, what can you do to protect your HVAC system?

Preventative maintenance is important for your HVAC system so you can get more life out of it. Living in a coastal climate it’s important to find units that are made for living in these areas. The parts inside the system resist salt-corrosion so the salt won’t affect it compared to other systems.

Changing your filters more frequently, once a month, can help keep sand and dust out of the unit. Having bi-annual maintenance done by a professional can check for signs of wear and tear as well as cleaning your unit. It’s always important to have maintenance done, especially more so in coastal climates.

Whether you live by the coast or not, it’s important to protect your HVAC system with regular maintenance and cleanings. Omni Air HVAC are the experts in preventing any issues to become major for all your HVAC needs. Our expert team has the knowledge of coastal climate and can maintain it in optimal condition. Call Omni Air HVAC for all your coastal climate issues and let us help you make your day easier.

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