Furnaces are important to heat your home during the cold winter months and keep you comfortable. Over time older furnaces don’t work as efficiently as they used to. Many of them run on gas or oil which can have an array of their own safety and health concerns. It may be tempting to keep using your older furnace, but it’s important to know the potential risks of using older equipment and the effect it can have on your health and safety.

Dangers of Older Furnaces

1. Fire Hazard

The National Fire Protection Association has found that the leading cause of fires in U.S. homes are from heating equipment and nearly half of them occur during winter. Having flammable materials like paints, paper, and gasoline near the furnace can increase the chance of a fire. Furnaces are designed to have some safety features to avoid fires when they generate heat. Over time they can malfunction or corrode and can lead to a potential fire.

2. Gas Leaks

Older furnaces are more prone to gas leaks than newer ones because of corrosion or low maintenance. Over time the corrosion and damage impact the gas lines where it can result in gas leaks. This can affect your health over time and potentially lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. As well as damaging your home and having a furnace explosion. If you smell gas still after your furnace has been on, get out of your home and call the professionals as quickly as possible.

3. Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

A dangerous health concern that comes with older furnaces is the threat of carbon monoxide leaking in your home. Most furnaces are designed to prevent carbon monoxide from releasing, but the sensors can degrade. As well as older models can lose their efficiency which can leak small levels of carbon monoxide. Since it’s odorless and colorless, people don’t notice it until their health starts to get affected.

Preventative Measures

To avoid these issues from happening regular maintenance should be done to help keep you and your family safe. It should be done with a qualified professional that has the right knowledge and equipment. Having annual maintenance done can prolong the lifespan of your furnace and even save on energy bills. Much like having an annual doctor’s appointment for your health, having regular checks on your furnace can have the furnace work in top condition. At some point your older furnace needs to be upgraded and your HVAC tech can help you find the right one for your home. Newer models can save more on energy bills and can operate more efficiently than older ones.

With older furnaces you need to worry about the dangers it can have on your health and home. Understanding what the dangers are can help resolve the issue much faster. Omni Air HVAC’s trained professionals have the knowledge and equipment to fix and maintain any furnace issues that can arise. Call us today to help keep your home warm and safe this winter.

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