During the colder months you expect your furnace to work to keep you and your family warm. The worst case scenario is your heater breaking down on you on a cold night. Calling in an HVAC company to get it fixed can probably take a short time or a few days depending on the issue. In the meantime, you want to make sure you and your family stay warm and safe when it starts to get colder.

1. Close the Drapes

You want to make sure that any drafty windows or doors are closed and sealed so no cold air can get inside the house. Curtains are able to insulate the house by keeping the warmth in while blocking the cold. As well as hanging blankets or towels to minimize the flow of cold air by drafty rooms or windows. Closing all the drapes and windows can ensure that you’re keeping all the warm air inside without the cold air flowing in.

2. Bundle Up

Layering up with clothes can keep you warm and comfortable while the furnace isn’t working. Wear thin layers first and then add the sweaters, coats, hats so you can move around more easily. If you don’t have enough layers and still feel a bit of the cold, try wrapping yourself in blankets to keep more of the warmth in.

3. Eat Warm Food

A great way to keep yourself warm is by eating warm food to keep your body warm longer. Cooking up some chili or soup can get the blood flowing by moving around the kitchen and having something warm after. Even making hot cocoa or coffee is a great choice for a warm drink to have. It’s important that you don’t use the oven or stove for just heat. It can start a fire and the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if you just leave it on.

4. Stay in One Area

Staying in one room can ensure that you just have heat in one area of the home. With the whole family there, you can use the body heat to warm up the room faster. Choose a room that you can stay comfortable and can be there for a long period of time if need be. Bring in some entertainment like books or movies to help pass the time. Sealing off the windows and doors with towels or blankets can ensure no heat is escaping and no cold air is coming in.

5. Use a Heating Pad/Space Heater

Using a heated blanket or space heater can keep you warm while the furnace is out. Space heaters only work by heating one room in the house so make sure it’s the one you’ll be staying in. Make sure you don’t leave them unattended because of a risk of a fire hazard and potential burns if too close. Heating pads can keep you warm at night but they also have their own risks. Be careful of a fire risk and of possibly burning yourself if left on too high. Understanding the risks can help keep your family safe and warm.

6. Slumber Party

Having the whole family sleep in one room can ensure you can keep one area warm while waiting for the furnace to be fixed. Make it into a slumber party to keep things positive and have fun with it. Pile on blankets and pillows while you all sleep cozy together. Using the space heater can help as well but make sure you use all safety precautions when using it.

7. Get Active

Staying active can get the blood pumping and get your body temperature up to stay warm. If you have kids in the home make an activity out of it by having a dance party or a game to get them moving. Even doing a workout like push-ups or sit-ups can warm up your muscles. Staying active can keep your body warm longer while you’re having furnace issues.

It’s anyone’s worst nightmare for their furnace to break down during the cold winter season. While you’re still able to keep yourself warm somewhat, it’s important to call an HVAC professional right away. Omni Air HVAC is the best solution for all your furnace needs and can safely and effectively resolve the issue. Our expert team can help as quickly as possible to keep your family comfortable and warm during the cold winter season.

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