In keeping your home nice and cool many jump to having an AC installed to do the work. There are other options like a whole house fan that has its own advantages and can save you money. In trying to figure out which one is best, let’s compare the two to help you make a better decision for your home.

How do Whole House Fans Work?

Whole house fans used to be popular years ago and have now come back as a great alternative. The exhaust system is placed in the attic where it pulls hot air out of a home and moves it to the attic through a series of ducts. It then pulls fresh and cooler air from an open window. Modern house fans are less noisy than their older models so they can be quiet and effective in cooling your home.

How do AC’s Work?

Air conditioners work a bit differently where the refrigerant uses a process of condensation to change a gas to a liquid. It then moves to the evaporator coil where a fan circulates across it to cool your home. AC’s use a chemical process that alters the temperature in the air rather than replacing it like with whole house fans.

Energy Efficiency

When looking at energy efficiency, PG&E has found that you can save 90% on your energy bill using a whole house fan because it uses 90% less energy than AC’s. With it using less energy than AC’s, it’s still able to cool your home just as efficiently. Living in a heated area, it can be useful to install a whole house fan if you’re worried about energy bills skyrocketing.

Indoor Air Quality

A whole house fan is able to ventilate your home by replacing the indoor air and bringing in fresher air from outside. With the indoor air being filled with dust, dander and other pollutants a whole house fan can regulate the air and help with allergies. But living in an area that has poor outdoor air quality from nearby traffic, smoke from forest fires or pollen might be something you have to consider. The AC might be the preferred choice so you won’t have to worry about breathing problems or allergies.


Whole house fans generally have light maintenance on them with the fan just needing cleaning, wiping the blades, and not so much mechanical issues. While air conditioner’s require maintenance that includes changing the filters, cleaning parts of the unit and more which can be time consuming. Both do require maintenance though but the whole house fan doesn’t require a lot compared to an AC.

Choosing between having a whole house fan or air condition can be a daunting task. Whole house fans are a great investment if you’re looking for low maintenance and comfort. Together they can be a great investment for your home if you’re not wanting to use the AC most of the year. In finding the right system for you, Omni Air HVAC is the right choice in all things HVAC. With our educated experience, we can determine what’s the best choice for your home in bringing both comfort and efficiency.

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