Having an HVAC in your home is essential to your comfort and health all year long. Finding the right HVAC unit is important for your home so it has high efficiency without it working harder than it should. Some might consider getting the biggest HVAC unit so it can cool or heat the whole house, but this can cause big problems for you. Even smaller units can suffer as well in trying to work in a home that is not the right size for it. The wrong size can lead to higher energy bills, difficulty to maintain indoor air quality, and shorter lifespan of the unit. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to find the right HVAC unit size for your home.

Large HVAC Units

Usually people think bigger is always better but that doesn’t hold true when looking at HVAC units. A large HVAC unit is good to have for a properly sized home that can benefit it, but if your home isn’t the proper size you’re going to be faced with issues. Oversized units can blast air quickly and try to meet your thermostat’s setting and do it ineffectively. Short-cycling can happen and cause the compressor to turn on and off more often, which will add wear and tear to the unit. Without gradual heating and cooling, you’ll have a number of hot or cold spots all around your home. Having an oversized unit can also lead to the unit not lasting that long and needing to be replaced sooner because of the components in the system failing faster than properly sized ones.

Small HVAC Units

Having a smaller unit can cause issues of their own in trying to heat and cool your home. Smaller units run constantly in trying to meet the set temperature set on the thermostat. It doesn’t have sufficient enough output so the system is running longer than it should in trying to keep your home cool or warm. You’ll also have inconsistent temperatures in your house with one room feeling more comfortable than another. With it working longer and harder than it should, your system will increase your energy bills and not bring any indoor comfort.

Finding the Right Size

Looking into HVAC systems it can be daunting in trying to figure out how to find the right unit for your home. There are ways of figuring out the best unit for your home and that’s by using the load calculation. A load calculation is a method that HVAC professionals use to determine the correct size HVAC unit for any home or building. It looks at many factors like the square footage of your home, the foundation, window size and location, type of roofing, and more. The HVAC tech can calculate and determine the perfect size unit for your home to have it work efficiently and keep you comfortable.

Investing in a HVAC system is important for your home in bringing comfort all year long. Finding the right size unit for your home should run efficiently and last for its expected lifespan. Finding the right system can be hard and that’s why having a professional HVAC team can help. The team at Omni Air HVAC are highly qualified in finding the right size unit for your home or commercial building. We make sure that the unit will be highly efficient for your home that can save you money and bring you comfort all year long.

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