There are different types of thermostats to heat or cool your home and a popular one is the smart thermostat. There are different ones like the Ecobee or the Google Nest that can be a benefit to your home, and have many features that can improve heating and cooling while saving money. Let’s take a look at why smart thermostats can be a great upgrade for your home.

How do they Work?

Smart thermostats work by connecting your HVAC system to the internet and allowing it to control the home temperature remotely using your phone. You are able to change the temperature physically on the thermostat, but with your smartphone you can have pre-set schedules to change the temperature and change your thermostat settings. Advanced models are able to learn what temperatures you like throughout the day and tailor it to your preference. If you’re worried it’ll stop working if your Wi-Fi goes off you won’t need to worry. They’ll still be able to work on the device but won’t be able to work remotely and use some of the features.

Main Pros for Smart Thermostat

1. Save Money

A great benefit with using a smart thermostat is saving money on your energy bills. How they’re able to save you money is through your use of your HVAC system. Smart thermostats are able to learn your habits and know when to heat or cool your home if you’re away or not. Some models even have an eco mode where it prioritizes saving energy. A study done on the Google Nest Thermostat has found it’s able to save about 10% to 12% on heating usage and 15% on cooling costs. While Ecobee has found that customers saved 26% on their combined heating and cooling costs. Having a smart thermostat is a great choice in saving money while keeping your home comfortable all year long.

2. Track Energy Use

Having a smart thermostat you’re able to monitor the energy use and see reports on your smartphone. It’s able to break down how the energy is being used, changes over time, and how much it can cost you. Having a thorough report can help find out exactly how your energy is being used and make changes if need be. The reports themselves also offer tips on how to save money while keeping your home comfortable.

3. Help with Maintenance

It can be hard sometimes to remember when it was the last time your filter was changed or when your last maintenance was. A smart thermostat can send reminders to your email, text, or app notifications about filter changes and time for maintenance. You can also find out when your last filter change or maintenance was through the app. Having set reminders can help keep your HVAC system in proper care so you won’t forget.

4. Control it Remotely

Having a smart thermostat means you’re able to control it far from your smartphone. Even if you’re at home, at work, or even on vacation, you’re able to use your thermostat anywhere. Being able to control it remotely means you’re able to set the perfect temperature before you arrive home by making a schedule on your thermostat app. You’re even able to monitor if your HVAC might not be working properly and if there’s any issues that have come up if you’re away.

Having a smart thermostat is a great investment for comfort and money-saving benefits. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn on your AC or heater when you go out because you can do it directly through your phone. If you’re thinking of upgrading your thermostat, Omni Air HVAC are the certified technicians to help set it all up for you and help you understand how to use it. Bringing ease and comfort to your home is important to us, so give us a call to learn more about smart thermostats and to keep your home comfortable all year long.

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