Living in Southern California, we’re used to having sunny weather for most of the year. There are days though when the weather gets rainy and you might wonder if that affects your outdoor HVAC unit. It’s important to know if your outdoor unit might be affected by these weather changes and if you need to do any preventative measures.

Any Effects From the Rain?

The outdoor HVAC unit is built to withstand outdoor exposure like rainfall. Even with heavy rainfall, the unit will still operate normally without any harm. The rain can actually help wash away any debris or dirt on the unit which can aid on its performance by removing any buildup on it. As well as it being covered by aluminum and metal, the electrical components inside are sealed and have proper insulation so rainfall won’t get inside.

Other Conditions that can Affect the Unit

It’s important to keep in mind that rain itself won’t affect your unit, but a possible storm can. High winds can cause damages like tree branches falling on your unit or debris and leaves getting inside it. A lightning storm can also be dangerous for a unit by causing a power surge that can damage the components inside. Even a possible flood can also damage your unit if it’s submerged in standing water. The wiring and electrical components inside will get damaged and will need to be looked at by a professional HVAC technician.

How to Protect your Unit

Some people might think that protecting your unit by covering it with a tarp is a good idea. In reality it isn’t a good idea to cover your unit when it rains because it has no ventilation. It’ll be easy for moisture to get trapped and doesn’t have the chance to dry up, so a possible mold growth can happen. It’s best to not cover your unit and have proper airflow so it can work efficiently.

It’s important to know that rainfall won’t cause any damages to your unit, but be more alert when a storm does come. If you think your HVAC unit has some damage from a storm, it’s important to contact us at Omni Air HVAC right away to fix the issue. Our certified technicians are highly skilled at taking care of your unit from any issues, and making sure that you and your family stays safe and comfortable all year long.

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