Around this time in Southern California is when the Santa Ana Winds start showing up. This can have an effect on your health with allergies starting and dust getting in the air. It can also negatively affect your HVAC system and cause problems. It’s important to know how the winds can affect your HVAC system and your home.

1. Damages

High-speed winds will blow on your HVAC system which can cause issues like the parts becoming loose, dirty, or damaged. Debris can even damage different parts of your HVAC system and make it less efficient. After the winds die down and you notice your HVAC is making weird noises, strange smells, or struggling to work, it’s probably damaged and needs to be repaired.

2. Increase of Dust

The Santa Ana winds can accumulate so much dust in the air that it can cause issues for your HVAC system. Your HVAC system can get a build-up of dust and can cause issues like dirty vents, damaged parts, dirty filters and more. With an increase of dust it can make your system work harder than it should and waste energy because of it. If it’s not taken care of, your system can break down and need repairs.

3. Poor Indoor Air Quality

With the winds affecting the air quality outside you don’t expect your indoor air quality to be affected either. With strong winds it can disperse dust and dirt inside your HVAC system which can blow inside your home. This can have a negative effect on the air circulation and your health. It’s important to get maintenance performance done and a vent cleaning so you can improve your indoor air quality.

With strong winds scattering and blowing dirt and dust into your HVAC system, it can cause immediate problems for your home. It’s important that after strong winds to check if your unit is working properly and to have a professional come and help. Omni Air HVAC’s certified technicians are able to perform maintenance, cleanings and repairs on residential and commercial HVAC units. Our professional technicians have the skills and knowledge to make sure your HVAC unit is working efficiently and bring cleaner air to your home.

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