The fall season is a cozy time when the days are getting cooler and you reach to your thermostat to keep you warm. As the winter months are just around the corner, you’ll be using your heating system as an essential device in your home. Using your heater during the winter months can get costly and can really go up if not taken care of. There are common mistakes homeowners make that can affect their heating system and bring up the energy bills. It’s important to know what heating mistakes to avoid and not have your home chilly this winter.

1. Not Replacing the Furnace Filter

Sometimes we forget to change our filter on our furnace and have a dirty filter that is causing issues with the HVAC system. A dirty filter can cause issues like your furnace working harder than it should, which will increase your energy bills. As well as having dust, pollen, and allergens in the air and not filtering properly with having a dirty filter. Not changing the filter can result in your furnace having damages that can cost up to thousands to repair and could have been easily avoided. It’s recommended to change your furnace filter every three months to extend its lifespan and improve its efficiency.

2. Cranking Up Your Thermostat on High

Setting your temperature super low or super high won’t make your HVAC work faster to heat or cool your home. Setting your thermostat to drastically high will damage your heating system and raise utility bills. It can also put strain on your heating system and reduce its lifespan. To have your house warm when the cold creeps in, it’s best to warm up your home before it gets really cold. Setting it to the desired temperature and waiting patiently for the air to warm up won’t put strain on the heating system. Cranking it up high when it’s freezing cold isn’t going to work fast and you’ll be left still waiting for your home to warm up.

3. Forgetting to Cover Drafts

You want to keep the warm air in and not escape from drafts around your house. It can drop the temperature in your home and have your heater working harder to maintain the temperature set. It’s important to have your windows locked tightly so no air can escape from them. Any small crack can bring in cold outdoor air and can cause issues like increased energy bills with your heater working harder than it should. It’s important to check your house before the winter season hits to find any cracks around the house and cover them up. Using caulk or spray foam on the cracks will help cover the cold air that can come in.

4. Covering the Sunlight

During the winter season there’ll be sunny days even with the colder outdoor temperatures. Another way to bring in warmth to your home without using your heating system is leaving the curtains open. The sunlight will naturally warm up the areas in your home that face it. With the rooms that face the sunlight and get warmer, you won’t have to worry about using your heater all day and ranking up the energy bills.

5. Not Having Annual Maintenance Done

A big mistake that homeowners can make is not having annual maintenance done with your HVAC system. Without having any maintenance done on your heating system, it won’t perform as efficiently and will possibly need repairs because of components failing. As well as having to pay highly for repairs to have your heating system work in the colder months. Having annual inspections done in the fall will ensure that your heating system will be working efficiently in warming your home and have no issues.

It’s important to avoid any mistakes with your heating system during the winter season to keep your home warm and cozy. In reality mistakes can happen, we’re human after all, so it’s important to be prepared if anything happens. To have your home ready before the winter season hits, our skilled technicians at Omni Air HVAC can have your heating system ready for the winter season. With their skills and experience, they can answer any questions you have to keep your home cozy and comfy. Call us today to schedule a fall maintenance!

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