There can come a time where you’ll need to replace your older furnace and it can take time in trying to find one. In trying to fit your budget and not go over your expenses, it can be tempting to go for used rather than new. You might come across some ads on Craigslist or your local newspaper that advertises used furnaces for sale. It could be tempting to take the offer, but it’s important to know why used furnaces aren’t the best idea to buy.

Why Not Used?

1. Dangerous

Gas furnaces are the common type you’ll find and will probably be the one advertised. It can be dangerous buying a used gas furnace because you don’t know how old the unit can be and if it was well maintained. It also can be risky because you don’t know if there are any potential problems that can cost you a lot to repair. Even if it was advertised as “never broken down” doesn’t mean that there isn’t any wear or tear in the internal parts. This can lead to possibly carbon monoxide leaks into the home, which can be harmful to you and your family. Furnaces get too old to be safe so it’s important to avoid buying a used one because of this.

2. Not Under Warranty

When you buy a new furnace you’ll get a 10 year warranty that will protect the furnace for parts and labor, but it won’t work with buying used. Even if the furnace is still under warranty, most manufacturers have a warranty exclusive to the original purchaser and the original home it was installed in. Without a warranty, you’re responsible for paying costs in repair and labor which can be costly.

3. Hard Time Finding Someone to Install It

If you do happen to buy a used furnace you’re gonna need someone to install it properly so it can work. You’ll find that you’re going to struggle finding a reputable HVAC company to install it for you. Licensed HVAC professionals avoid working on installing used equipment because of the risks it has. Possibility of damages done to your home or equipment during their work is liable and no one wants to go through that risk. HVAC contractors get their equipment directly from the manufacturer or from distributors that handle the wholesale for the manufacturer. Getting it directly from either one, they’re able to get any replacement parts or returned if any issues arise. Used furnaces don’t have that luxury so it can be a big headache they would rather avoid.

Buying a used furnace isn’t a good idea and can cause even more issues for you in the long run. If you’re looking for a new furnace for your home it’s best to get in contact with an HVAC company that can help find you the right one. Our team at Omni Air HVAC are highly qualified in finding the right furnace for your home that can fit your budget and be energy efficient. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment.

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