The winter season brings in the cold temperatures and it’s the perfect time to cuddle up at home with some hot cocoa. It would be a nightmare for your furnace to stop working and your home to start freezing. It might take a while for your furnace to get fixed and can get expensive if your furnace needs repairs. Before the winter season begins, now’s a good time to get it tuned up and here are some reasons why you should get it done sooner rather than later.

1. Clean Air and Proper Air Flow

The furnace pulls air from your home and filters it, heats it and returns it through the vents. When the air goes through the filter it removes allergens and dust, so it’s important it doesn’t get dirty or the dirty air will go out into your home. If there’s minimal air flow your furnace is working harder to maintain the proper temperature than it should. This will cause strain on the system and cause it to break down. Having a furnace tune-up will ensure that there’s proper air flow and that clean air is blowing through your home.

2. Energy Efficient

If a furnace is not properly maintained it will use more energy trying to keep your home warm. You’ll get higher energy bills because it’s pulling more energy trying to run which can make energy spikes. This can cause it to work so hard that the parts start to wear down much faster than usual. Having regular tune-ups will ensure that your system is working efficiently without working so hard in trying to heat your home. You’ll save money every month and not have to worry about your heater working so much.

3. Safety in your Home

It’s important to ensure your furnace is working safely so that you and your family can stay safe this winter. Furnaces are run by either oil or natural gasses and if not properly maintained can lead to possible cracks or leaks. Carbon monoxide can come to your home which can be deadly or a possible house fire. Having your furnace looked at by a HVAC technician will ensure that there are no leaks and fix any cracks that might appear.

4. Prevent Breakdowns

During the winter months, you’ll be using your furnace more in warming your home at a comfortable level. As you continually run the furnace there can be a chance of the system failing. A system failure can be caused by a buildup of dirt and dust or possibly issues with the parts. Without proper maintenance you’ll have a higher chance of needing a repair done because of it breaking down, which can cost a lot. Annual tune-ups can give you a piece of mind that your furnace will work efficiently all winter long.

5. Extend Life of Your Furnace

Having a furnace is an investment for your home and you want to extend its life as much as you can. Unfortunately, they don’t last forever and if they don’t get regular tune-ups their expected lifespan of 15 to 20 years can decrease very quickly. You don’t want to pay for costly repairs or needing to replace your furnace, so having annual tune-ups can help keep you updated on the life of your furnace and if it’s being well maintained.

Keeping your furnace well maintained with annual tune-ups can guarantee that your furnace will be working efficiently all winter in keeping you and your family warm. If you don’t remember when your last tune-up was, now’s the best time to contact your local HVAC techs. Omni Air HVAC’s technicians will make sure that your furnace is operating efficiently and if there’s any issues that need to be addressed. Call us now for a furnace tune-up and be rest assured that your furnace is running smoothly.

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