With the winter season approaching soon and the weather getting colder, now’s the time to turn on your furnace to warm your home. You might notice some noise when you turn on your furnace, which is normal, but when you hear a loud noise it can mean something is wrong. It’s important to know why your furnace is making noises and what the different noises can mean. It’s important to get them fixed so your furnace doesn’t break down on you on a cold day.

1. Rattling

If you notice a rattling noise from your furnace it could mean a panel that is loose on the furnace and can be fixed by tightening the screws on it. If the screws are tightened and everything is fine with the panel, it could mean a bigger issue like a leak in the heat exchanger or a malfunction with the motor.

2. Squealing

Hearing a high pitched squealing noise means there’s issues with the blower motor, possibly damaged. If you leave it in poor condition it can result in larger repairs later on. It can also mean a belt has slipped out of place and it needs to be adjusted. 

3. Whistling

Having a blocked air flow from a dirty filter can result in a high pitched whistling from your furnace. Changing your furnace filter now will help with the noise and help with the air flow. If changing the filter didn’t help with the noise it could be from a gas flow issue with your furnace. The gas valve needs to be looked at by a professional to inspect and fix the issue. 

4. Knocking

If you hear a brief knock when you turn on or off your furnace that shouldn’t worry you. A change in temperature can cause a brief knock or the metal housing around the vents and pipes as they expand and contract. A continuous knocking sound can mean many things from dirty burners, a cracked belt, or even air bubbles trapped in the lines. This needs to be looked at by a professional so they can identify and diagnose the situation. 

5. Grinding

If you happen to hear a grinding noise it’s best to turn off your furnace right away and have it looked at. A common reason for the noise is the cage blower wheel is loose and it’s grinding against the other parts inside. A professional technician needs to come and fix the issue to tighten and calibrate it so it spins freely.

Hearing a strange noise from your furnace is never something you want to have and shouldn’t be ignored. It’s important to have an HVAC technician come in and inspect what’s going on with your furnace and fix the issue right away. Our certified technicians at Omni Air HVAC are highly skilled at fixing any furnace issues and identify what the exact problem is. Call us now if you suspect your furnace is making some strange noise.

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