Air Filters are a Bigger Deal Than You Think

Do you feel like you’re not getting the most out of your HVAC system? Is the cool air not cooling enough? Before you go out and call Omni Air HVAC, let me ask you this first. When was the last time you checked and or changed your filter? This simple component that is the filter can either have your HVAC system running at its fullest capacity or hinder its performance significantly or possibly damage your system costing more in repairs. Here’s the importance of why the filter can cause this: the filter protects the A. Coil which is where the freon (refrigerant) is pushed out to, and cools the warm air that is sucked up by the return and becomes cool air that is blown out into your home.

What a Dirty Filter Can Lead To

One issue that can occur with a dirty filter is that clogging within the drainage. This can lead to dirt, dust, and other contaminants that enter the coil and up landing in the drain pan that leads out to your PVC piping and drainage. With the PVC pipes backed, up it doesn’t allow the water to exit the pan, thus in turn leaving the pan to overflow. What this does leaking water all over the furnace. Its electrical components and all surrounding areas. Just on HVAC repair it ranges from $200-600, and that’s just on drain clearances and cleaning. Mind you that’s not with repairs on other areas affected by the water leaks.

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AC Condenser coils freezing
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AC Refrigerant leak from pvc pipes

With a dirty filter comes the issue of poor air flow, not only is that bad for you because you’re not receiving the most efficient cooling inside your home, but this will gravely affect your system. With insufficient airflow going through the coil it causes the refrigerant, that is meant to be cooling the warm air going through coil, to freeze inside the coil as it has nothing to cool. It will freeze the coil causing no cooling and freezing refrigerant lines. This repair can cost roughly $1600-$1800, primarily from the freezing causes damage to the fan motor, which in turn pushes warm air to your home that is supposed to be cooled. In addition to the damage back pressure does to the fan motors, it causes leaks in your HVAC system as well. The average leak repairs can range from $850-$1600. This is quite the expense that can be easily prevented.

How Easy is a Filter Change? Do I Need a Professional?

Fortunately, changing an air filter is one of the easiest components of HVAC maintenance there is. You don’t need as many tools as you would to clean your condenser, or air duct. You can pick up an air filter at your local home depot or any home improvement store, for roughly the cost of $60-$120 and replace the unit relatively easily. However, one thing to consider is that an air filter replacement is a very minor piece to an overall inspection and tune up for your HVAC system. Something that is viewed as such an easy fix ends up being a microcosm of a deeper look that your system can require. For this reason we recommend that a professional technician take a look at your system, and build out a better picture for your needs. Often times, investing in a maintenance plan for your home. Over the course of the year that you have your maintenance plan, you will have both your healing and cooling solutions covered, for a cost that almost instantaneously pays for itself. Not only that, but your unit gets the benefit of extending its own lifespan, making your value per dollar even better. 


Overall changing a filter doesn’t seem like it is something of so much importance, but it’s the one vital thing a homeowner, such as yourself, can do to save themselves money. After taking a look at all the minor issues that can become major problems, it is imperative that you do due diligence when it comes to your HVAC system. However, there is always the option to get a professional to get it taken care of, but being in this recession the smaller steps that you can prevent yourself, you should. As they say, its the little things that matter; and in this case the filter is the little thing that matters the most!

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