Air Ducts are easy to ignore/forget

Air ducts help deliver cold or hot air throughout our homes to give us the comfort they want. However, over time they can become filled with dust or allergens that are around us, creating a less efficient experience and it can even reach levels of hazardous. This can come from pet allergens, spores, mold, and even pollen – the amount of different components and debris that can reach your ducts is a large number, so it is important to stay on top of it. We will take a look at some surefire signs that your ducts are in need of cleaning, so you are prepared and able to maintain safe levels of airflow throughout your home. 

Clogged Vents

Vents being clogged has to be the most common issue that ducts and vents have. Some of the symptoms this ends up causing include visibly dusty air (particles around you in the air you have), but not always as they do hit a filter and the filter can take care of the worst of it. Something less noticeable is that the AC/heater is working harder to achieve the same level of temperature within your home. This is typically from the clogged vent not pushing out enough air that your HVAC unit is producing.  

Higher Electricity Bills

Ducts that aren’t carrying the proper amount of air to the right rooms within the house, often end up overworking or overcompensating for the heating/cooling they are not providing. This eventually leads to a noticeably higher electricity bill, because not only will you most likely have the unit running longer – but the unit will also be working harder during that time. Poor airflow can have multiple causes, but a main culprit more often than not is from the ducts. 

Filter Needs To Be Frequently Changed

This is the easiest fix that can be done to your HVAC unit, but unfortunately if it is happening on a frequent basis (more frequently than every 3 months), it is a sign that your ducts/vents are in need of attention. A filter does not need to be replaced that frequently, even if you have your AC constantly running. However, with mold and debris that build within the ducts it can cause from the various ways that they can accrue, it forces the filter to catch a lot more than it typically would. 

More Frequent Allergic Reactions

Your HVAC system is going to blow out the air that is in your ducts, therefore it is at the mercy of the quality of your air ducts. If your allergies have been acting up, that’s mostly because you are probably taking in the air that is polluted with dust or debris. Even pet allergens combined with other factors can cause problems for your own allergies and overall health. You could be ingesting dust, mold, or other particles that make your allergies worse – nevertheless it is important to check your air ducts first, and have them cleaned.    

Recently Remodeled or Renovated

The work that goes into remodeling or renovating a home tends to create somewhat of a mess along the way. This mess leaves behind debris and dust that ends up getting stuck in the ducts and vents. This is not always the case, but having work done and the ducts sucking up all the debris/dust has a typically high correlation. It’s important to get ducts cleaned out to get rid of drywall dust, sawdust, and any other lingering components that exist. These simply just make your HVAC unit work harder causing to more issues down the line. 

Unfamiliar/Awkward Odors

It’s not always the case that home owners can determine that these odors are coming from their air ducts, but if there is a way for you to distinguish that it is coming from the ducts, it is most likely because there is some mold, mildew, or other type of residue in the air being pushed out. This occurs a little more frequently than one would expect, and can be hard to pinpoint because a homeowner doesn’t always recognize its coming from the vents above them. However, air ducts should be the first priority to be checked when odors in the house are apparent as they can be a circumstance of something potentially much worse.

Final Thoughts

As we opened with, duct cleaning is frequently overlooked among home owners, mainly because of the cost of the service versus perceived value (typically ranges from $999 and up for a good quality duct work). Unattended, this can cause larger problems to your HVAC unit as a whole. We recommend having duct cleaning performed by professionals once a year, and as frequently bi-annually if you are frequently using your heating and cooling constantly. For professional care for your air ducts, contact us at Omni Air at (714)813-0584, and we will have you cleaned out and running right away.

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